Trash Services

The Sanitation Division collects household solid waste from its customers on a once per week basis.  This "WEEKLY COLLECTION" takes place Monday through Friday. City crews will pick up those items that are placed in their polycarts or that are properly bundled per city ordinance.  Click Here for a map showing pick up days. All trash should be out by 6:00am the day of your collection.

If your trash does not meet City code requirements, a tag will be left at your door explaining why your trash was not picked up.

Section 240.080: AUTHORIZED RESIDENTIAL CONTAINERS states that containers other than disposable types shall not exceed thirty-two (32) gallons capacity, must have secure lid and handle.

SECTION 240.030: COLLECTION OF GARBAGE AND TRASH states that all garbage and trash containers should be placed at the curb or alley no sooner than 24 hours before 6:00AM on the customer's collection day and are to be removed from the curb within 24 hours after collection. All trash and garbage needs to be out no later than 6:00am.

If you are a new resident, please call Customer Service at 785-238-3103 or visit us at the Municipal Building at 700 N. Jefferson to begin service.


Residential Service Fees

The City of Junction City provides residential trash services at a low monthly rate of $17.40 per month, which provides one 32 gallon container for weekly pick-up. Additional containers may be added to your service for $8.69 per month per container. Return Trips for trash is $9.48. Replacing a damaged Cart is $50.00.


Weekly service - we empty polycart, with lid closed, and 4 additional containers under 32g; must have lid and handle. Anything outside of those limitations is charged per item per special pickup specifications listed below.


Drop off recycling is available at no additional charge at the Geary County Transfer Station located at 1509 N. Perry, and the City plans to expand its recycling efforts in the future.


Special Pickups

You must call Public Works by 12:00pm the day before your regular scheduled trash day. Click Here for map showing pick up days. You will be charged $75.00 for your special pickup. Please see FAQ's for more details.

Six by two and 50lbs - under all? - $15 per item

Six by two and 50lbs - over any? - $30 per item

4x4 space filled up with items = $15/4x4 space

What will require a special pickup?
Bulky wastes and anything one person cannot throw into the trucks. Physical limits will be anything greater than 4'x 4'x 2' and greater than 50 pounds.

Will there be a fee for a special pickup?
Items that are less than 6 feet in length, and that 2 men can easily pick up will not be subject to special fees but must be properly called into Public Works by 12PM the day preceding your regularly scheduled pick up day to arrange for pickup. Couches, white goods, carpet, bundles, tree wastes etc. that are less than 6 feet and can be picked up by 2 men will be collected at no additional charge.




Commercial & Multi-Family Dumpster Fees

The City will provide dumpster service for a monthly fee. The charge is based on the dumpster size and how often the dumpster is emptied.

 Size of Dumpster

 How Often Emptied

 Price per Month

 2 yard dumpster

 Once a week


 2 yard dumpster

 Twice a week


 4 yard dumpster

 Once a week


 4 yard dumpster

 Twice a week


 6 yard dumpster

 Once a week


 6 yard dumpster

 Twice a week


If you would like to order dumpster service, please call 785-238-7142.


Holiday Schedule Pickup

  • New Year’s Day (Thursday, January 1st) Trash service will be next work day ex: Thursday’s       pickup will be Friday
  • Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 19th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Monday’s pickup will be Tuesday
  • Presidents’ Day (Monday, February 16th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Monday’s pickup will be Tuesday
  • Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Monday’s pickup will be Tuesday
  • Labor Day (Monday, September 7th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Monday’s pickup will be Tuesday
  • Veterans’ Day (Wednesday, November 11th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Wednesday’s pickup will be Thursday
  • Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Thursday’s pickup will be Friday
  • Christmas Day (Friday, December 25th) Trash service will be next work day ex: Friday's pickup will be Saturday
  • New Year’s Day (Friday, January 1st, 2015) Trash service will be next work day ex: Friday pickup will be Saturday


Hazardous Items

No person shall deposit in an unauthorized container or otherwise offer for collection any hazardous garbage and trash. Hazardous or restricted material shall include:

  1. Explosive materials.
  2. Rags or other waste soaked in volatile and flammable materials.
  3. Chemicals.
  4. Poisons.
  5. Radioactive materials.
  6. Highly combustible materials.
  7. Soiled dressings, clothing, bedding and/or other waste, contaminated by infection or contagious disease.
  8. Household appliances that contain chemical refrigerants regulated by the EPA such as refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners unless they have certification that the chemical refrigerant has been removed.
  9. Automobile, truck or equipment tires.
  10. Tree trimmings, trees and tree limbs that are over seventy-two (72) inches long (special pickup can handle this request).
  11. Any item that is over seventy-two (72) inches long and/or 18 inches in diameter(special pickup can handle this request).
  12. Paint in a liquid form.
  13. Any other materials which may present a special hazard to collection or disposal personnel, equipment, or to the public.
  14. Excavated earth, rocks, concrete, asphalt, roofing wastes, and other building materials (special pickup can handle this request).